8 Things to Add to Your Nassau, Bahamas Bucket List

  Nassau, Bahamas, has everything you want in your tropical getaway—warm weather year-round, friendly locals and great hotels and attractions that make the most of the island’s natural beauty. With so many things to do in Nassau, you may not know where to start, so we’ve put together this bucket list of must-do things while you’re in town to help you get started. Check them off as you go!  

1) Scuba Dive with Sharks

Scuba Dive with Sharks Sharks have received a lot of bad press in recent years (thanks largely to Steven Spielberg and Jaws), but they’re actually one of nature’s most efficient killing machines. Swimming with these ancient predators is an exhilarating and scary experience that has earned many bucket-listers their distinction as one of their most memorable trips. Several shark dive operations are offered on New Providence Island in Nassau, including Atlantis Submarines and Aquaventure Waterpark (the aquarium from The Hangover). When you take a dive with sharks in Nassau, expect to see Caribbean reef sharks lurking around wrecks and coral heads near Paradise Island. They may also be seen feeding during whale season between December and April.  

2) Visit Atlantis

One of Atlantis’ water parks features a 5.5 million gallon aquarium with sharks and rays, while another has seven hot tubs inside a mosaic-tiled pyramid. A third is an interactive attraction where you can ride along in high-speed vehicles reminiscent of Captain Nemo’s Nautilus submersible. There are also two enormous aquariums on land filled with thousands of sea creatures, including seahorses and starfish. If that wasn’t enough aquatic adventure for one day, head to Paradise Island’s Coral World for snorkeling in a colorful lagoon or diving under coral reefs teeming with sea life.  

3) Visit Paradise Island Beach

Visit Paradise Island Beach The most visited beach in all of the Bahamas is Paradise Island Beach, a white-sand crescent that offers miles of unbroken views. Here you can snorkel in an underwater preserve teeming with tropical fish and coral reefs; dive from a vintage shipwreck; or relax on one of several luxury resort options. The island also hosts dining options ranging from high-end restaurants like Miss Lily’s (which serves traditional Bahamian food) to American chains like Cheesecake Factory and P.F. Chang’s China Bistro.  

4) Dine on Junkanoo Beach

Junkanoo is a traditional Bahamian street festival that takes place during Christmas and New Year’s. It’s similar to Mardi Gras; you can expect parades, costumes and an all-around good time at these parties. Why not enjoy your vacation by having dinner on Junkanoo Beach? Bahamian cuisine typically includes seafood like conch or lobster with dishes like callaloo soup and mauby.  

5) Go on a Blue Lagoon Cruise

Blue Lagoon Cruises are a great excursion if you want to get out on a boat and enjoy some time by yourself or with your significant other. When you go on one of these cruises you will be able to see incredible views of Paradise Island and its surrounding area. You can spend as much time as you would like exploring the boat or relaxing in its lounge area. The Blue Lagoon Cruises are also available for private charters if you have an event that calls for it. These cruises can accommodate up to eight people, which is perfect for groups who want a fun night out! It’s also affordable, so take advantage of all that Blue Lagoon Cruises has to offer!  

6) Eat Bahamian Cuisine

Bahamian cuisine is a combination of dishes with African origins and British colonial cooking. You’ll find fresh seafood such as conch, lobster and fish served alongside staples like peas and rice. The national dish of The Bahamas is called reef burgers – small round flatbreads filled with ground spiced beef or chicken. Try a bowl of cow foot soup, which uses local herbs and vegetables to provide a nutritional broth that you can eat from a cup or drink with a straw directly from the bowl. To add some spice to your meal order some fried dumplings called dippers for an appetizer; these deep-fried stuffed balls can be filled with seafood, meat or veggies depending on where you go.  

7) Visit the Kendal G. L. Isaacs National Park

Getting out and exploring your surroundings is one of life’s great pleasures—and if you find yourself in beautiful and tropical Nassau, there are a host of great reasons to get outside. One of those should be a visit to Kendal G. L. Isaacs National Park: This national park is located on Cable Beach on New Providence Island (not far from downtown) and is popular with locals and tourists alike for its pristine beaches and natural wildlife habitats. Spend your day playing in sand dunes or strolling along white-sand shores as blue-green water rolls in gently just offshore—this natural scenery will stir up some serious wanderlust!  

8) Attend Dolphin Show at the Aquaventure Waterpark

With three pools designed specifically for dolphins and sea lions, a beach of clear turquoise water and interactive animal shows, Aquaventure Waterpark is one of paradise’s hidden gems. It’s also a great spot for human kids to interact with dolphins. At certain times throughout each day, your little ones can hold hands with Flipper as he swishes by or sit in on a trainer-animal demonstration. They can even play catch me if you can in Dolphin Lagoon—an interactive experience where they race around trying to outrun fast-moving sea creatures! The entire park has over 41⁄2 miles of walkways connecting all its exhibits and viewing areas so you can easily get from Point A to Point B without putting sunscreen on more than once.

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