Guangzhou on a Budget: The Cheapest Flights to Baiyun International Airport

Baiyun International Airport
Guangzhou’s Baiyun International Airport, located in the northeast suburbs of the city, is the largest airport in southern China and one of the top ten busiest airports in Asia. This translates to good news for those looking to visit Guangzhou: there are plenty of cheap flights to Baiyun International Airport on major airlines, including China Southern Airlines, Air China, and Shenzhen Airlines.

Cheap Airline Tickets From Major Cities

Some airlines and travel agencies offer discounted flights from various cities. Check with these businesses for information on cheap flights from major airports. Remember, in order to save money, it’s a good idea to book your tickets in advance or at least several weeks before your desired departure date. The earlier you book, the better. Do keep in mind that flight prices tend to fluctuate more than other forms of transportation; booking last-minute may be cheaper than booking ahead of time.

Getting To/From the Airport

Once you’ve arrived at Baiyun International Airport, getting around can be difficult. Taxis are generally inexpensive (10-20 yuan for short rides) but some drivers have been known to overcharge visitors from English-speaking countries. Instead, look for local transportation options—many hotels offer shuttle services or arrange shared airport pickups with other guests in town. Or download WeChat; most major hotels have their own accounts and will arrange pick-ups via the app. If you must take a taxi, look for signs inside or near each terminal for official taxi company counters (or just flag one down yourself). Make sure your driver uses his meter—and don’t pay any more than what it says!

Free or Cheap Things to Do in Town

Getting around in Guangzhou is easy. Most of your time will be spent around Liuhua Dadao (the main shopping street), Gongye Dadao (the main commercial street) and Renmin Nanlu, which are all walking distance from each other and not too far from most hotels. In addition, there’s extensive public transportation in Guangzhou that includes buses, metros and taxis that you can easily use without any Mandarin skills. If you want to get outside town, however, it may be wise to rent a car or take a tour. There are several sightseeing spots worth visiting but they can cost upwards of RMB 200 per person if you go by bus.

Book Your Accommodation Early

Hotels in Guangzhou get booked up quickly, especially during holidays and events. Make sure you book your hotel room as soon as you can so that when it’s time for your trip, all you have to worry about is having fun! There are plenty of options ranging from affordable hostels, mid-range hotels, luxury suites and more. Book now at HotelsCombined for up to 75% off.

Consider Hong Kong Too

Getting between Hong Kong and mainland China is often cheap, easy, and quick. You can get from Hong Kong to Guangzhou in just a few hours by taking an ultra-fast ferry or train across one of many bridges that span between the two countries. Cross-border buses are also available for getting around (and are sometimes cheaper than trains). Hong Kong is an excellent place for budget travelers because it’s more developed than many parts of China but is just a short trip away from everywhere else. It’s also super easy to book flights around Asia using your Hong Kong airport as your point of entry—even if you don’t fly out of it. Don’t overlook Hong Kong if you’re looking for budget travel options in China!

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