How Long Is The Flight From New York To Hawaii?

how long is the flight from new york to hawaii

Flight From New York To Hawaii

You may be wondering, how long is the flight from New York to Hawaii? To answer this question, consider the following factors: Distance, Time, Airline options, and Price. In this article, you’ll find all of the necessary information. We’ll discuss the time and distance of the flight, as well as the best airline options for your budget. Read on for more information! * What is the average speed of commercial airlines when flying from New York to Hawaii?


If you are traveling from New York to Hawaii, you are probably wondering what the flight time will be. The distance between the two cities is around 7985 kilometers (520 miles), but the distance could take longer or shorter depending on the route and the speed of the airplane. The flight time from New York to Hawaii is approximately nine hours and fifty-five minutes, but your actual flight time will vary based on the aircraft type and speed, as well as the aircraft’s weight and air conditioning.

Luckily, there are many flights that fly between the two cities. On any given day, you can find up to three nonstop flights from New York City to Honolulu. The selection may be smaller for other parts of the islands, but there are still dozens of choices for flights to get you there. Taking this information into account, you can find the best flight for your needs and budget. There are many factors that may impact the actual flight time, but you can expect that you’ll likely get a good deal for your money.

How many hours is a nonstop flight from New York to Hawaii?

The time it takes to fly from New York City to Honolulu is roughly ten hours and seventeen minutes and is based on the average speed of a commercial airplane. The flight is 4,891 miles, or 8,065 kilometers, long. You should factor in 30 minutes for takeoff and landing. However, there are some variables that can affect flight times. Here is a guide to flight times.

The amount of time taken to fly from New York to Hawaii by different airlines can vary considerably. Airlines have different flight times due to operational factors on the ground and the scheduling of planes. These three factors are taken into account when determining the total flight time. If the time is longer, there’s a higher likelihood of it being delayed. If you’re flying with a budget airline, you might have to make other accommodations until the next flight.

Airline options

If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, you can find many airline options on Skyscanner. The most popular airline options include American Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue, and Korean Air. Depending on your budget, you can choose from flights from multiple airlines. You may even find a one-stop flight that is less expensive than a nonstop flight. But it’s not advisable to choose a one-stop flight if you’re traveling with a family.

The best option is to fly via one of the two airports closest to the destination. The John F. Kennedy International Airport is the primary hub for American Airlines, while the Newark Liberty International Airport is the closest airport. Other airports in Hawaii include Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu. Other airports include Kahului (OGG) on Maui, Lihue (LIH) on Kaua, and Hilo (ITO) on the Big Island. A round-trip ticket to Hawaii is usually less than $410, which is a great value.


If you’re looking for the best deal on flights from New York to Hawaii, there are several ways to save money. The cheapest airfare can be found by buying early. The cheapest times to buy flights are between September and August. Prices can go up by up to 49% if you wait until the last minute. Book your flight at least 25 days before departure. United Airlines has the best price for flights departing in the next couple of days, so you won’t have to worry about being stuck with a high airfare.

Airlines have their own prices and policies. The price you pay will depend on your itinerary, desired comfort, and how much legroom you want. If you plan to travel without a car, the cost of an economy flight to Hawaii can range from $160 to $500. But even though airfare can be inexpensive to Hawaii, remember to factor in the cost of hotels and car rentals. Hawaii’s high prices mean that you should book your flight well in advance to ensure that it’s the best deal.

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