How to Get the Best Deals on Cheap International Flights

Cheap international flights
For many people, the idea of traveling abroad sounds like an incredible dream, but they’re not sure where to start looking for cheap international flights to make it happen. Don’t worry! To help you get your dream vacation off the ground, here are some tips on how to find the best deals on cheap international flights so you can get exactly what you want at the price you want to pay.  


One-way flights will generally cost less than roundtrip tickets, so if you don’t know when you’ll be returning home (or if you’re not sure if your plans will change), it makes sense to purchase a one-way ticket. If you have flexibility in your schedule, check out airlines like Spirit and Southwest that offer cheap international flights for as little as $69 per leg. For example, I used these websites to find $92 flights from New York City to Milan and Barcelona with no fuel surcharges or taxes.  

Skyscanner booking cheap flights

If you’re looking for cheap international flights, it helps to begin by comparing airfares on a site like Skyscanner. Searching a dozen or so sites is time-consuming and unnecessary. Not only does Skyscanner gather information from a variety of different sites, but its handy calendar view makes it easy to determine when (and where) you can find low fares. For example, when I was in need of some travel inspiration, I used Skyscanner’s calendar feature to identify potential itineraries that would work with my schedule.  

Cheap tickets

Whether you’re looking for domestic or international travel, there are some affordable flights out there, even if they’re not always easy to find. Booking late—and booking in advance—are both important tactics when it comes to getting cheap tickets. If you don’t have set plans or at least a general sense of where you might want to go (and when), booking later could get expensive quickly. Paying attention to different airlines and their prices can also help you stay within your budget; certain airlines offer cheaper seats than others, so do your research.  

Cheap air fare

It’s not always easy, but it is possible to score an international flight for less than $400. The key is finding a great deal out of an unexpected place. Luckily, we’ve done all of that legwork for you. Browse some tips below and don’t forget: Most airfare prices fluctuate wildly even within hours of buying so keep your eye out for deals!  

Ticket flight cheap

The key to getting a good deal on cheap international flights is flexibility. Booking well in advance might net you a decent deal, but it may not be great if you want to book at a specific time of year or prefer an exact route. So, instead of booking long before your flight, try booking far in advance while still keeping your schedule open—it might be worth it if you’re planning a long trip and there are several cheap international flights available that would get you where you need to go in one trip. You can also try waiting until two weeks before or right when your trip is scheduled; sometimes airlines release last-minute deals for cheap international flights when they find themselves with extra seats that need filling.  


There are plenty of sites that promise cheap flights, but you can save a lot more by checking Google Flights first. This service has flight price trackers for dozens of routes around the world. All you have to do is enter your travel dates and see which airlines and prices match your schedule and budget. You can also get an alert if airfare drops significantly or if tickets become available with your preferred airline on another route, helping you snag a good deal without spending hours clicking through websites. (Did we mention it’s free?)  

How to find cheap flights

While there are plenty of travel companies out there trying to squeeze every last dollar out of your wallet, it’s not hard to find a great deal on airfare. The key is researching your destination (tickets are often cheaper in cities that aren’t popular tourist destinations) and timing (flights cost more during holidays). And remember: One way tickets often cost less than round trips; don’t automatically assume you have to book a flight home from where you started. Just get as far away as possible, then figure it out when you get there. flights

Finding cheap flights requires research, timing and luck. Fortunately, you can eliminate much of that legwork by using a travel agent. Kayak is one of our favorite travel search sites because it allows you to find cheap international flights and gives you plenty of options for flights within your destination country. For example, if you’re looking for a cheap flight from New York City to Rome, head over to Kayak and type in NYC-Rome (or even NYC or Roma). With so many choices at your fingertips, choosing where to stay becomes less stressful—as does booking one when you’re ready.  

Travel sites

Use travel sites to find cheap deals on international flights. Sites like Kayak and Momondo can be a great way to track price trends in different geographic regions, as well as spot deals you might otherwise miss. These sites will also do some of your searching for you, by alerting you when fares are running lower than average—whether that’s across all flights or between two specific cities (depending on which service you use). They may also help you pick certain dates over others. While these travel sites don’t have every single flight listed, they often have enough options that you could find something for a decent price (and if not, they’ll help steer you toward other options).

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