Is Your American Airlines Carry-On Bag the Right Size?

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Are you wondering if your American Airlines carry-on bag is the right size? Follow these three simple steps to determine the ideal American Airlines carry-on size for you. Your next trip will be that much more enjoyable knowing you’re not stuck at the airport waiting to check in your bag!

Dimensions of an American Airlines Carry-on

According to American Airlines’ website, a carry-on bag must be 22 x 14 x 9 inches or less and weigh no more than 50 pounds. A personal item like a purse or briefcase is allowed in addition to your carry-on bag as long as it is under 8 x 10 x 17 inches. Do keep in mind that some airlines are stricter than others when it comes to size restrictions. For example, Delta allows carry-ons up to 45 linear inches, which measures about 25% larger than an American Airlines’ bag of similar dimensions.

How to Pack for a Trip

Before you put your bags together, it’s a good idea to lay everything out that you plan on packing so you know exactly what you have and what you need. The more organized and methodical your packing, the less likely that things will be forgotten. Packing in advance is also helpful as it helps avoid last-minute overpacking and extra fees for checked luggage. However, whether or not you pack in advance doesn’t mean getting to your destination won’t be stressful if someone forgot their passport or something else essential.

What to Do if You Don’t Have Enough Room in Your Bag

While most airlines have varying carry-on size restrictions, it’s not uncommon for bags to be over the limit. And that could cost you—or it might not. Since airline policies are subject to change and vary so much, what you do will depend on your airline. Generally speaking, if your bag is only slightly oversize but still fits into a standard overhead bin, it should be allowed onboard without any extra fees or hassle.

What Can I Bring as a Carry-on?

When it comes to what size bag you can bring on board an American Airlines flight, there are only two hard and fast rules. You can’t bring a bag that’s so large it won’t fit in a regular overhead bin or under your seat. And you also can’t bring any item that could cause damage to cabin equipment or harm to another passenger (American Airlines regulations require carry-on bags to be stored for takeoff and landing). That said, many travelers find they have much more flexibility with carry-on items than they realized.

5 Ways You Can Use Your Luggage on a Plane

If you can bring a large bag onto your flight, there are several ways you can utilize it. One of these is by using it as an extra seat for your legs. If a passenger in front of you does not put their chair all of the ways back, then you can slide your bag between them and place it under their seat. You will have more room to stretch out and relax during take-off and landing if you use your luggage as an extension of your body instead of carrying it on your shoulder. Remember that some airlines may charge for oversized bags and that even if they do not charge for bags, there is only so much space to accommodate carry-ons above seats in economy class sectioned off from coach passengers.

How strict is American Airlines on carry-on size?

You’re probably well aware that you can bring a carry-on bag with you on your trip. However, did you know that there are size limits on what’s allowed? Be sure to make sure your bag is compliant, or else it might get left behind! It’s best to read up before heading out so that you aren’t surprised when they start weighing bags at check-in. You may be able to check-in early, if necessary.

Can 24-inch luggage be a carry-on?

The typical carry-on size is usually 22 to 24 inches. Most airlines allow a bag that size as a carry-on, and some even offer discounts if you travel with one of these sized bags. However, there are still plenty of major carriers out there—including American Airlines and Delta Air Lines—that require your carry-on luggage to be 21 inches or smaller. Before you book your next flight, double-check your airline’s website for size requirements for each cabin (not all have them). If you’re in doubt about whether your existing luggage is within regulation, consider investing in new bags to avoid any potential baggage fees or delays. Of course, no matter what type of luggage you bring with you onboard, it needs to fit in that overhead bin! For the most updated information refer to the American airline website:

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